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Crypto Gangs is one of the most meticulous collections ever crafted. 10,000 unique gang members were generated by a random combination of hundreds of traits. The artworks were designed to be personable, to forge an identity that is above and beyond of the wearer itself.


The year is 2100AD and the financial systems of the world have collapsed under their own complexities. Emerging from the dystopian landscape are the Crypto Gangs, chaotic and warring clans that have risen to power, each with unique ideologies. In this world fraught with disorder, it bode not well for anyone to reveal their true identities. This is why each gang member protects themselves and preserves their anonymity by wearing a mask.



"The simplest way to do something will always be the most effective".

Don't be fooled by their primitive style of thinking though. The apes collectively believe, and for good reason, that the reason the world crashed and burned in the first place was because people became too advanced and things got so over-complicated to the point it imploded on itself.

Taking a step back, the gang rely on their fists and raw wit to get things done.


Not all had an active hand in the affairs of the old world. There were those who were content to live their lives un-detected, sitting back in mediocrity and keeping their opinions to themselves.

Made up of a surprisingly talented and curious bunch, they have now been forced to gather and spring to action as they enter the struggle for survival.


The collapse of the former establishment was welcomed with open arms by some. They believed there was too much structure and not enough chaos in the natural order of things.

The ideal was a world, free from order, where everything was left to chance. Hostile and cynical in nature, these members have no ulterior motives aside from propagating the theory of chaos.


Existing among the remnants of society are a gang of deviants who believe that mankind brought this fate upon itself and that in order to re-build the world and begin a fresh slate, all of civilisation must be wiped out.

Their heretic inclinations make them a formidable presence among the Crypto Gangs, as they do not believe in alliances and indiscriminately reject all existing life. Once they have achieved their mission of taking over and laying waste to all other gangs, they can finally pay their respects to the world and rest in peace forever.


The old world fell prey to the effects of mass media. The current world, which is without order and stability is even more easily influenced.

This gang is made up of those who understand this and relish in spreading their lies and deceitful tactics among the masses to cause further confusion and mistrust amongst the other gangs.

The Anunnaki

Misunderstood, never being able to fit in, and with little direction in their lives, the gang is composed of members who were abandoned from birth or eschewed from an early age and left to fend for themselves.

Calling themselves the outcasts of society, they have united under a common banner in search of a greater purpose, all while despising the world that turned its back on them.

The Undead

One of the longest persisting gangs in the Crypto District. Being one of the oldest and longest-lasting gangs in existence, predating even the rise of the Crypto Gangs, their reach in society is deep.

They have, in large part, managed to keep a low profile and so little is known about their origins and intentions. One thing for sure though is that their undying persistence and resilience in carrying out their objectives makes them a terrifying existence.

The Algorithms

The online, virtual world is and was a powerful force, so much so that it undeniably contributed to the eventual downfall of the world that we once knew. Those days persist, with the influence of Crypto cybernetics and artificial intelligence.

Composed of the best and brightest among the cyber-savvy, the gang wish to capitalise on this to assert themselves and claim their dominance in a world that continues to be driven by technology


The patriarchy have had their time in the limelight and look how things ended up. There are those who have experienced firsthand the weaknesses of men and have only the single desire of seeing this cycle broken, rising up to take their place and claim their rightful authority to lead all others into a better world.


Composed of the fiercest and most battle-hungry members of society, these savages rely on brute force to get things done. When society first collapsed, some individuals' animals instincts took over, and now all they crave for is bloodshed and survival.

Their nightmarish masks represent their wilness and lack of restraint when it comes to getting their fill.


A wide-reaching gang that has infiltrated the ranks of many other gangs. Crafty and sneaky in nature, they resort to deceit to cause disruption and meddle in the affairs of others.

They hide behind their paper bags, giving no secrets away. They are made up of those who have forever given up their identifies, choosing to become whoever and whatever they need to achieve their goals.

The Bandits

The criminals and prisoners of old had already given hope, believing that society had turned its back on them. Everything was stolen from them - their livelihoods, their families, their passions and motivations.

Now in a lawless society, it's time they took back what was theirs and reclaimed their former selves.


One of the most innovative lot in society, they are dubbed the craftsman of the 22nd century. They are made up of members who were used to a life in the slums, scavenging and fighting for whatever they could find to survive.

There's almost no limit to what they can make or do with their creative and technical genius.


When the military was no longer needed and dissolved, the remaining ex-forces needed a place to group together. They are a talented bunch who are already accustomed to life on the battlefield.

They aim to employ their previous training and skills to restore order to the world and end all the conflict.


Knowledge of the ancient magicks is a closely guarded secret among the underground civilisations.

Wielding this power, they have altered and influenced the course of reality for generations. The rise of Crypto matters little to them, as they continue to bend all things to their will.


Invisible to the naked eye and having a dangerous appetite for death, viruses have plagued the world for eras.

In a world overrun by Crypto, where everything is connected by data and pixels, these dangerous killers have taken on a more digital form. Harnessing the potential of malware, this gang will stop at nothing to take control of everything.


Purchasing a Crypto Gangs NFT means more than just owning an NFT. It is a ticket to be part of a community with exclusive membership, returns and rewards over time.
10,000 uniquely crafted Crypto Gangs tokens
FREE merch and physical rewards for holding our NFTs, see the perks page!
Real life discounts to physical stores by simply showing your membership, see the perks page!
More perks to be announced!


As a thank you and way of giving back to the less fortunate, we will, upon reaching 10%, commit to a promise of donating 5% of the NFT proceeds to charity, split between Mental Health initiatives and communities for the homeless. The community will vote on which initiatives the proceeds will go towards
NFT holders will have the ability to access an exclusive golden plated physical coin collection. Each coin will have a unique mask design based on the gang members and will come engraved with a personalized ID to unlock future perks. We are still working on the perk concepts, so let’s keep it a little mysterious for a moment, but we are certain you will love these perks.
40% - RARE NFTs
20 NFTs with at least 5 rare traits will be randomly distributed to existing wallet holders. A snapshot of current NFT holders and subsequent raffle will be undertaken upon reaching this milestone.
Each NFT will serve as a ticket for an ETH lottery of 20 ETH, with the following prizes :
  • 8 ETH
  • 5 ETH
  • 3 ETH
  • 2 ETH
  • 1 ETH
  • 0.5 ETH
  • 0.5 ETH
Draw date will be announced upon hitting this milestone.
Collecting 2 of the same gang and a hostage from another gang will please your gang leaders, and you will be rewarded with a gang leader NFT which you will be able to mint for free. These will be a separate collection.
Upon completing 100% of the roadmap, we will go all out and make an unforgettable experience for our NFT holders. We will create a model of the Crypto Districts and conduct a treasure hunt to kick things off. Think geocaching but in a cyber world! More details will follow.



Negotiator. Weed godfather.
Min maxer. Startup gremlin.
Tetris addict. Art visionary.
NFT junkie. Community seer.
Lovely bean. Tech Overlord.
Dot connector. Cannabis breeder.
//Diggs Tera
KingTroll. Tech Prophet.